Latin America

Disillusioned Brazilians Elect Jair Bolsonaro

December 7, 2018

Jair Bolsonaro will become Brazil’s next president on January 1 after he handily won October’s election and runoff.  Bolsonaro, an ex-paratrooper, and who served 27 years in the Brazilian National Congress, is labeled as a

Latin America

Columbia’s Upcoming Presidential Election and Iván Duque

June 1, 2018

Columbia—South America’s oldest democracy—goes to the polls on June 17th to elect a new president. Given the position of the frontrunner in the race, Iván Duque, the situation looks to impact the 2016 peace accords

Latin America

A Castro is No Longer the Leader of Cuba

April 18, 2018

For the past 12 years the 86-year-old Raúl Castro has ruled Cuba after taking over the country from his brother, Fidel, in 2006.  The two have ruled the country since Fidel took over leadership in

Latin America

Is Lula da Silva Done For?

January 1, 2018

For the past four years Brazil has been the center of a massive internal corruption probes.  The largest probe, Operacao Lava Jato (Operation Car Wash), has led to prison sentences of top business executives and

Latin America

Venezuela: In the Midst of a Crises

July 27, 2017

In 1998 Hugo Chávez was elected president of Venezuela.  He ran on a populist platform that pledged to use the country’s vast oil wealth to reduce poverty and punish the country’s elites.  By the time