BRICS Expansion and Its Discontents

This year’s BRICS summit in Johannesburg, South Africa (held August 22-24), started with a noticeable absence of one of its leaders—Vladimir Putin. He was unable to attend because an arrest warrant issued by the International


The War in Ukraine

With a geopolitical event of the size and scope of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, I wanted to supply my readers with an update on the war. Many may follow me on Twitter where I have


Olaf Scholz Rises

“There are decades where nothing happens⁠—and there are weeks where decades happen.” This is a suitable quote describing the events of the past week which saw the world convulse as Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. The


Ukraine: Putin Shatters Europe’s Peace

Vladimir Putin has singlehandedly shattered the peace in Europe by his unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. On February 24th Russian forces invaded Ukraine. The Russian military buildup on Ukraine’s borders has been a months long process.