A Historic Inter-Korean Summit Takes Place

A historic Inter-Korean Summit took place this past week between North and South Korea.  The summit ceremonies began with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un crossing the demilitarized zone into South Korea at Panmunjom—the first time


The Republican Party Under Trump

Republicans are dropping like flies and November’s midterm elections have not even arrived.  At last count 40 Republican members of Congress have announced their intention not to seek reelection—a record.  The party is hemorrhaging support

Middle East

U.S. and Allies Bomb Syria

On Friday evening, Washington D.C. time, the United States along with the United Kingdom and France launched a missile strike on Syria in response to the recent chemical weapons attacks in Douma.  The missile attack


The FBI raids Michael Cohen’s Office

In another twist to the ongoing investigations of Donald Trump and his interactions, the FBI raided the office of Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, last week.  For such a raid to occur, means that standard

Middle East

The Civil War in Syria

The conflict in Syria has heated up over the past two months as the civil war enters its seventh year.  It is estimated that 400,000 people have been killed in the conflict which has displaced