The Doklam Dispute

China and India: The Doklam Border Dispute

August 10, 2017

In one of the most isolated spots on earth a border dispute is simmering in a region called the Doklam.  The Doklam is where three international borders come together—India, China, and Bhutan.  The dispute is

The Democratic Republic of Congo Soldiers

Mass Graves Found in the Congo

August 3, 2017

Putting faith into humanity is almost impossible after looking into the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Over the past 20 years over 5 million people have died from violence, hunger, and disease.  The

Mohammed bin Salman
Middle East

Mohammed bin Salman: The Next Saudi King

August 1, 2017

This past June the 81-year-old Saudi King Salman announced his son Mohammed bin Salman, 31, the new Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia making him next in line to the throne.  Observers have been speculating for

Venezuela in Crises
The Americas

Venezuela: In the Midst of a Crisis

July 27, 2017

In 1998 Hugo Chávez was elected president of Venezuela.  He ran on a populist platform that pledged to use the country’s vast oil wealth to reduce poverty and punish the country’s elites.  By the time

China's Relationship with North Korea

China’s Relationship with North Korea

July 23, 2017

Ever since China came to the aid of the North Korean regime in the Korean war, China has been a reliable partner with North Korea.  By maintaining good relations with North Korea, China hopes it

Aung San Suu Kyi

The Dimming Light of Aung San Suu Kyi

March 2, 2017

When Secretary of State Hillary Clinton first met Aung San Suu Kyi in 2011 she described her as exhibiting “qualities I had glimpsed before in other former political prisoners, including Nelson Mandela and Václav Havel. 

Vladimir Putin
In Depth

Moscow on the Potomac: Why Trump Must Not Trust Putin

February 15, 2017

Donald Trump is putting a lot of faith into a working relationship with Vladimir Putin, and it has already been costing him dearly before any clear set goals have been announced.  Trump’s remarks, often careless,