The International Criminal Court Investigates Duterte

February 27, 2018

Corruption allegations against world leaders has been an incidental theme in the news as of late.  From Lula da Silva, to Netanyahu, to Jacob Zuma, and to the investigations revolving around Donald Trump, all together

Jacob Zuma

The Resignation of South Africa’s Jacob Zuma

February 20, 2018

South Africa is often looked at as a democratic and economic model for the rest of the African continent.  It has a diverse economy, and since Apartheid, has been an example of non-racial, non-sexist democracy. 


Benjamin Netanyahu is Fighting for Political Survival

February 19, 2018

Benjamin Netanyahu is now in a fight for political survival after Israeli police last week recommended that he be charged with bribery, fraud, and breach of public trust.  While, as of yet, Netanyahu has not


Mueller Indicts 13 Russians for Interfering in U.S. Elections

February 16, 2018

Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russian individuals and 3 organizations with interfering with U.S. elections, including the 2016 presidential election, on Friday.  The 37-page indictment states that the Russian individuals and organizations have conspired


Guantánamo: Back in Business

February 6, 2018

President Trump in his State of the Union address last week announced he was re-opening the prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba to new enemy combatants.  In his address he stated, “Terrorists who do things like