Vichy France and the Holocaust

November 28, 2017

After France was conquered by the Germans in World War II, the French government relocated to the small town of Vichy in the middle of the country.  In the hopes of at least keeping the


Robert Mugabe is Ousted in a Coup

November 21, 2017

Last week Zimbabwe’s military moved to oust the country’s president, Robert Mugabe.  A week before, the 93-year-old Mugabe had decided his wife, Grace, would succeed him when his presidency ended.  Zimbabwe’s military did not approve


Slavery in India

November 15, 2017

India’s rapid economic growth over the past few decades has lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty.  In 1993 an estimated 45 percent of its more than 870 million people lived in poverty. 


C.I.A. Releases Osama bin Laden’s Personal Journal

November 12, 2017

On November 1, 2017 the CIA released 470,000 documents that had been collected during the Navy SEALS raid on Osama bin Laden’s Pakistan compound in Abbottabad in 2011.  Of those documents was bin Laden’s 228


One Belt, One Road: The Vision With a Price Tag

November 7, 2017

This past May China hosted 28 leaders from around the world as part of their One Belt, One Road initiative.  It was the largest gathering of world leaders in China since the 2008 Olympic games.