Thomas Jefferson and Monticello

Thomas Jefferson and Monticello

January 17, 2019

One of the pleasures of growing up and living in Virginia is being surrounded by its great history which has had a profound effect on not only the course of the United States, but also

Yellow Vest Protesters

Emmanuel Macron Versus the Yellow Vests

January 15, 2019

Emmanuel Macron, the bulwark against populist nationalism in Europe, is facing the biggest test of his presidency so far. After 18 months of positive reforms, including rolling back the incentive-killing high taxes that France and

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Trump Faces a New Congress Amidst a Government Shutdown

January 5, 2019

January 3 saw a new congress sworn in in Washington that represents the results from November’s midterm elections which saw devastating losses for Republicans. While the GOP maintained their control of the Senate and gained